Top 5 Blog posts of 2017


In light of the new year, we thought it would be cool to take a look back and highlight our top blog articles from 2017. Take a look as we count down from number 5, enjoy and have a great New Year’s.


5. Dunefest 2017 | Epic Riding, Epic Scenery, Epic Fun

Rolling in at number 5 is our Dunefest recap. Dunefest was a ton of fun, it’s hard to beat playing in the sand next to the Pacific ocean.  


4. Exploring Missouri’s History at a Rider’s Paradise | Rally at the Mines 2017

Rolling in at number 4 is our Rally at the Mines recap. When we heard Polaris was going to be at an event this close to home we just had to go. Great people, great trails and checking out the historic mine site was pretty cool. 


3. 2017 National TrailFest at the Hatfield-McCoy Trails | Tons of Fun at West Virginia’s Off-Roading Mecca

Rolling in at number 3 is our National TrailFest recap. It’s no secret that the Hatfield-McCoy trail system is pretty awesome, but when you pair great trail riding with a UTV event that takes over an entire town that’s pretty epic. TrailFest is a must for any rider’s bucket list.   


2. The 2017 High Lifter Mulberry Mud Nationals | Bringin’ the Mud to Mulberry

Rolling in at number 2 is our High Lifter Mulberry Mud Nationals recap. Adding a 3rd Mud Nationals event to the year, this was the first time High Lifter put on a Mud Nats event in Arkansas. This was a great event at a pretty awesome venue, Mulberry Mountain is a great place to ride.


1. XTC Power Products’ 475 HP Subaru-Powered “Hell RAZR”

Our top post, coming in at number 1, is our feature on XTC Power Products’ build “Hell RAZR”. Definitely one of the coolest builds we’ve featured, XTC dropped a 475 horsepower Gen 3 closed deck EJ25 Subaru motor in a completely custom Polaris RZR; this is no doubt one bad beast.