No matter where you ride the Yamaha YXZ is plenty capable of tackling the most thrill seeking trails and roughest terrain, however your machine is an investment and it’s only natural to feel the need protect your investment by riding in a reserve manner. Now there’s nothing wrong with riding reserve but you shouldn’t feel like you have to. That’s where aftermarket skid plates and guards come in to play.

Don’t let the worry of damaging your SxS hold you back, of course things happen but you can reduce this risk with pre riding preparation with the right parts and accessories. Consider a heavy duty UHMW skid plate as an addition to your machine. Lighter than aluminum, UHMW is a special plastic with outstanding impact strength. It’s a great investment to protect the undercarriage of your machine from rocks, loose branches or any other type of debris you might find on the trail.

YXZ a-arm guards are another great investment for your machine. Protecting your a-arms and CV boots from damage can save you time and money in the long run and is an easy addition to the YXZ 1000R. At Side By Side Stuff, you can find UHMW a-arm guards or more stylish thick aluminum guards for a flashier look.

From top brands like Factory UTV, we offer YXZ 1000 R skid plates and guards for maximum protection to your side by side. Stop worrying, get the protection you need and take your next UTV adventure with confidence. Browse our Yamaha YXZ Skid Plates and Guards selection today.


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