While a UTV might be a fun vehicle to have in the summer, during the winter it becomes a crucial survival tool, especially if you live out in the country. A UTV is designed to cross harsh terrain, which is exactly what heavy snow and ice will make your property in the winter.

If you’re out in the country, you might end up waiting for days, weeks, or even months for the roads to thaw out enough to safely take a car out. Your only option might be to use your UTV to cross the terrain yourself. Here are some useful tools you can attach to your vehicle in the winter to make the experience more bearable.

One of the best UTV accessories you can get is a snow plow. You can attach the plow to the front of your SxS and use it to plow a path into the snow. This is great if your house is set far back from the road, and you have a long driveway that gets buried in the snow.

You’ll be able to plow a path on your own, without having to wait for the government to do it for you. You can even make a little extra money by offering to plow the driveways of your friends and neighbors.

Cab Enclosures
When you’re taking your side by side out in the winter, subzero temperatures can make for a pretty miserable experience. That’s why it’s good to get a cab enclosure and a heater installed. This will let you take your vehicle out in any condition and stay nice and toasty inside the cab.

Snow Tracks
Mud tires are great for the summer months, but during the winter you’ll need snow tracks. These will let you cross frozen terrain much more quickly with a much smaller chance of getting stuck in the snow.


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