One day back in February of 2013, Trent Palmer of Reno, Nevada told us that he and his buddies headed out to the dunes at Sand Mountain, about 25 miles east of Fallon, Nevada. Their friend Scotty is a newbie, and wanted to learn how to jump.
So they show him. He’s not impressed. He gets in his RZR XP 900 and follows them through the dunes. Trent turns a corner sharp, and Scotty is pinning it, trying to catch up. That’s when he hits the top of the dune going faster than he is comfortable, and in a panic, he hits the brakes midair. Mistaaaaaaake!
The front end drops and he rolls, end over end; Scotty loses his beanie and ends up with $11,000 worth of damages to his machine. We get plenty of good-natured ribbing, little bit of mechanical tips, and then it’s time to go home. All in a day’s fun.
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