An entirely new on-road driving and riding experience, the Polaris Slingshot is a 3-wheeled motorcycle with side by side seating providing a front row shot of adrenaline for driver and passenger alike. The 173 horsepower Slingshot is lightweight, powerful and delivers exhilarating acceleration. It’s an intoxicating thrill to feel the pavement underneath your seat and in your chest while experiencing a 360 degree rush of sight, sound and smell in the open air cockpit. The Slingshot’s low, wide stance and sport tuned suspension will have you confidently increasing corner speed while its unique and exotic style grabs the attention of the traffic as you wiz by.


Even though these machines are relatively new to the market, aftermarket parts and accessories are readily available. Powersports enthusiasts all over are already taking these machines to extremes. Side by side company SSV Works, amongst other businesses, have decked out a few Slingshots with their own personal touch; including utilizing PRP custom seats to emphasize a personal look.

SSV Works “Silver Surfer”


There’s no doubt about it, if you own a Polaris Slingshot you’re getting an experience of a lifetime. At Side By Side Stuff our goal is to help take your riding experience to the next level with the right parts and accessories. From guards and shields to custom seats and performance mods, we carry a selection of aftermarket upgrades from quality brands you can trust. We understand the importance of personalizing your machine, so we make shopping easy and hassle free.


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