We took a trip to Gilbert, Arizona to visit XTC Power Products. Chris, from XTC, was excited for our visit; he gave us the shop tour and showed us some of the XTC Power Products that are available at SideBySideStuff.com

XTC has over 10 years of experience in the custom automotive industry, from cars, trucks and you guessed it: side by sides. At first the guys in the shop weren’t so thrilled to do a 12 volt accessory install, as they always had to do a lot of custom wiring, it would take hours to cut and crimp wires and so on. This time consuming task along with requests from many SxS owners wanting their factory brake lights to work as the turn indicators, just like Chris had wired custom on his personal RZR, led to the development of XTC’s 12 volt accessory solutions; easy plug and play products that significantly reduces the install time on UTVs. 

Power Control Systems

Whether it’s a LED light bar, flood lights or stereo system, XTC’s Power Control System is an easy plug in play solution to make a simple and clean installation on all your 12 volt accessories. Not only will this product significantly reduce the accessory install time but it leaves your wiring clean and organized as well as simplifies future troubleshooting.  At Side By Side Stuff, Power Control Systems are available in either a 6 circuit or a 4 circuit configuration, optional customized rocker switches with cool logos and labels can be added to the system when ordering. 

Turn Signal Systems

Whether you want to make your ride street legal or are just concerned with safety improvements, a Turn Signal System from XTC is a great solution. At Side By Side Stuff we offer several of these kits that are machine specific with a true plug and play design, some of which utilizes the factory brake lights. These kits are easy to install with all the necessary pieces to get the job done right and leaving a very clean, professional appearance. If your model of UTV isn’t available, don’t sweat it, we offer XTC’s universal kit to make just about any UTV safer and street legal ( in some states ). Additionally these kits include a horn so you can not only be seen but be heard too.

XTC Power Products assembles everything in house using only the best quality material; their intention is for you to get a top notch product that will last for years to come. To browse our full selection of XTC Power Products visit our XTC Power Products brand page at SideBySideStuff.com


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